Sony Mordechai

Sony Mordechai is a transformational Leader committed in helping people and organizations thrive. 

A serial entrepreneur who has co-founded and invested in over 100 life changing companies enhancing the lives of millions of people. He is the Chairman & CEO of Global Eye Investments. GEI’s mission is to provide Friendly Capital for a better world. Committed in achieving greater good for all, he believes in the human condition and sees the potential for greatness in every human being. As he quotes: 

“There are no perfect individuals but there are perfect teams, put the right ingredients together and you will thrive”

He views business as a lever of doing good to the world and wholeheartedly believes that great leadership and happiness through social responsibility is a one way road. His Mantra is that we are all one and that no being should be left behind. It’s time we all step up our game and unite to build a world of abundance and happiness for all. 

Together we can.